Stop the Misery!

Haven’t you suffered enough?

How to Cure a Cold in 12 Hours or Less is your way out of rhinovirus hell.

With the information provided in this little book, you’ll never again have to suffer with a cold or flu.

In How To Cure A Cold in 12 Hours or Less I  document my journey from cold-ridden to cold-free, and give you step-by step directions to eradicating your cold and put you on the path to cold-free living for you and your family.

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My Story!


Approximately 15 years ago I noticed that as I got older, everything about me suffered when I had a cold. It was awful, and I worried about how much worse it could get, especially since I was planning on getting a LOT older than I was then.

It was so bad that when I had a cold, I barely had the interest — let alone energy — to take care of necessary tasks and activities of daily life, let alone the enjoyable things I normally loved doing.

That was bad enough, but there was more. The colds seemed to hang on longer and longer, so I was miserable for longer than I used to be, and the length seemed to be increasing.

Even worse, it sapped me to my very core — not just physical energy, but mental and emotional energy as well. 

All in all it was getting intolerable. Even remembering those bad old days is difficult and unpleasant.

I guess it’s been so many years that I haven’t had to deal with any of that kind of illness that remembering it now really emphasizes how bad it was.


Do You Suffer From These Symptoms?


Scratchy Throat

Sneezing And Coughing

Nose Dripping

Red, Sore, Flaking Nose



Congested Sinuses


Low Energy

Sore Muscles

General Malaise

I hit pay dirt immediately. However, those first successes were good — even great — but I knew there was more, so I kept looking. And experimenting.


And succeeding.


Over the next year or two I managed to pull together an impressive war chest, er medicine cabinet of very effective, affordable and safe herbs that each seemed to come at a cold from different directions, so that any cold could be defeated, and defeated soundly, in a matter of a few hours IF the patient (me) gave the matter enough attention and follow-through.


And I’ve been cold-free ever since, aside from a single full-blown cold that had a gift to bestow: yet another remedy I didn’t know about but which I now consider absolutely essential to my arsenal.


I got that full-blown cold by the way, because I wasn’t paying enough attention to my symptoms or sufficiently following through with the herbs. Lesson learned!

How It Works

A system, not just a protocol

It’s not that you won’t get cold symptoms –though you won’t get as many as you once did –, it’s that you’ll know exactly what to do when you get them.

initial Analysis

Depending on the symptoms itself (is it a scrachy throat? sniffles? runny nose?) you’ll choose the best remedy(ies) for that job and start attacking it immediately.


If, after 2 – 3 hours you still have symptoms, you know to continue. If they’re a little worse or you have other symptoms, you know it’s time to add specific additional remedies.

the whole secret

The whole secret is paying really close attention and deploying those herbs that are best for what’s going on with me, according to my symptoms.




how to cure a cold in 12 hours or less

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn the simple, easy, affordable and highly flexible (customizable) routine I’ve used for the last a decade and a half to stay cold-free. It’s not a miracle, but you’ll think it is.

You’ll learn about each herb or remedy, how and when to use them.

You’ll learn about a number of highly potent natural weapons against the rhinovirus so you can pick and choose those you like best.

You’ll learn about Cold Prevention so you’ll never even know what you missed, and there’s also a chapter on Cold Remedies for Children.

You’ll also learn:

  • 3 things everyone should know about herbs and natural remedies
  • 6 common sense rules for using herbs and natural remedies
  • What you must know about drug-herb interactions and how to check for them
  • Exactly what to stock in your medicine (or spice!) chest for your very own Anti-Cold Arsenal
  • The precise step-by-step details of my kill-a-cold routine and how to customize it for your use
  • The specific nutrients you’re probably deficient in that can prevent colds to start with
  • Pleasant tasting anti-cold herbal teas your children will love
  • And much more



You’ll love the feeling of self-empowerment each time you successfully conquer a cold